Selling Goodness-Introduction To The Book

Unfortunately, I have seen too many of even the most noble and vitally needed

charitable nonprofits fade into obscurity, never having accomplished the

laudable goals they set out to achieve. In most cases, the reason for their

demise is that they did not promote themselves with vigor and assertiveness.

They either failed to learn to use public relations (PR) to their advantage or they

did not avail themselves of the services of professionals who could have

launched their causes into the limelight and helped them get the momentum,

manpower, and funds they needed to stay alive.

These early deaths are disappointing, unsatisfying-and tragic. They could have

been prevented if the right steps had been taken. As a public-relations

professional, I strongly believe that the world cannot afford to lose the efforts

of so many charities and nonprofit organizations which help solve the never-

ending problems that plague our fragile planet.

This book is therefore dedicated, with passion, to helping these charities and

nonprofits learn to use pubic relations of all kinds to accomplish their

important goals. Drawing on my background as the founder of one of

Hollywood’s most prominent public-relations firms, and having represented

hundreds of the entertainment industry’s biggest celebrities, I wrote Selling

Goodness to show you how to take advantage of professional public-relations

techniques on a fledgling charity’s often- impoverished budget. The book

describes how the media operates, and how you can make it work for your

charity or organization.

In the following chapters, you will find advice on such matters as pitching a

story, writing a press release, and giving an interview. I guide you through the

critical steps of a PR campaign, from initial contacts with the media through

follow-up, special events, and dealing with a PR crisis should one happen to


Throughout the chapters, you will also find two types of “boxed features.” One

contains special hints about PR techniques or additional elaboration on a topic.

The other presents case his, stories of inspiring PR stories from my personal

files. Indeed, one of my joys in writing this book is that I get to recount some

of the great stories I’ve collected over the years of promotional techniques

used by many different businesses and nonprofits.


But Selling Goodness is much more than a practical handbook on skills and

procedures. It is also a moral manifesto. If you are a humble do-gooder with

qualms about seeking either attention or special promotion, this book presents

a powerful case for promoting yourself and your charitable cause. I believe the

moral argument is especially compelling now that government is trimming

outlays on social services. Nonprofits are being called to fill in the gaps. They

will need more resources-and they therefore must do whatever it takes to get

them, especially vigorous promotion of their vital cause.

If after reading this book you are able to take your cause more seriously, and

promote it with greater vigor and intensity, you will not only be contributing to

your individual charity, but to the broader purpose of promoting goodness. It

may sound quaint but the truth is that the promotion of your charitable work

can assist ill living beings. This is a grand vision, to be sure. But imagine the

potential of a planet that is better nourished, both in substance and in spirit. I

believe this is our potential.

My plan in this book is direct, and the process doable. It can make you an ally

in the grand project of selling goodness, and, through that alliance, a portion

of paradise can be regained.